I realized I don’t share enough personal photos on this blog, so I thought you all might get a kick out of this portrait session.  Why?  Because it’s my sister.  :)

She and her boyfriend came in with their two “kids”:  Maggie, the yellow lab, and Toby, the one who looks like a Rottweiler.

I was a little nervous about this session because my sister hates to have her photo taken almost as much as I do!  And I wasn’t sure how she’d mange with me being the photographer.  :D  But she was a total champ and we had so much fun!

I think Toby might disagree with me, though.  That poor puppy thinks I’m trying to steal his soul every time I take his picture, and you should see the looks he gives me!  It’s hilarious.

Anyway, if you know my sister you know she is anything but traditional.  So we had a crazy fun session, and I can’t wait to photograph them again.  :)  Without further adieu, the photos…

My sister, Tricia.  Isn’t she a cutie patootie?

The “family” portrait.  And yes, that’s Toby sneaking off in the background.  LOL

My sister with her nieces and newphew.

This might be my favorite family portrait ever.  :D

Aren’t they just so freaking cute?!?!  This session was a lot of fun, and I really do hope they’ll come back in the studio more.  Hey, Trish…call me!!  :D

Every time I write that line it makes me think of Finding Nemo.  I really need to branch out more…

My daughter, Kaelin, started preschool today.  She’s my youngest (she’s two and quite good at it), so this marks a momentous occasion for me:  I will actually have a few hours to myself each week.  I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with the time!  Actually, I do.  I’ll be spending quite a bit of it volunteering at both munchkins’ schools and helping out at NFCCA.  I’m really looking forward to this school year even though I think it’s going to be insanely crazy.

I don’t think I’ve posted much about Kaelin here on my blog.  She is my sweet, adorable, handful.  :)  She’s very attached to Mom right now, so I was a little concerned about her reaction to school.  Today was a half day at school, and the parents stayed with the kids while they got used to their new classroom.  Next week will be the real test when I actually leave her there by herself.  :)

Kaelin wants to be a big kid in the worst way, so I think she was really excited to head off to school just like her big brother.  She even gets to use his old book bag.  :)

I can’t believe how cooperative she was this morning when it came to pictures.  That girl actually posed for me!  She is just growing up so quickly it seems.  They always do, though.

I thought Kaelin might be a little reluctant when we got to school, but that girl marched into her new classroom like she owned the place.  She talked to her new teachers, said hi to some of the parents, and even managed to wave to one or two of her classmates.  I don’t know if I can clearly explain what a big deal that is since Kaelin rarely does anything other than run away from kids her age (while screaming at the top of her lungs), so to see her being social with munchkins her own size is just amazing.  It’s not that she dislikes them at all.  She just prefers to hang out with her brother and his friends.  The older kids don’t knock her over, etc. so she likes them better.  I think preschool is going to be the best thing for her.

She was so well-behaved that I almost didn’t know who she was!  LOL  Kaelin is a very independent little lady, and I never know how she’ll act in a new situation.  I really could not be more proud of her.  She made her first little art project and had a great time with the glue stick.

She sat down at the table like a big girl and enjoyed her snack.  She daintily ate her two Nilla Wafers and managed to drink water from a real cup without pouring it all over the front of her.  Mom could learn a lesson or two from her daughter, me thinks.  :D

I am not one to get overly emotional about things, but every once in a while my kids do something or I see something that really tugs on my heart strings.  Seeing her there in that little chair with her feet dangling over the edge…not even reaching the floor.  I don’t know what it is about this photo but I absolutely love it.  Everything about it says childhood to me…from her chubby little hand to her feet not reaching the floor to the band-aid on her knee.  It’s just everything about being a kid all rolled into one photo.

So here she is…my big girl going to school.  I’m sure she’ll have lots of adventures, and you’d better believe I’m going to photograph as many of them as I can.  :)

Well, it looks like it’s going to be my turn to be on the other side of the lens…and I’m the one who will be saying “Cheese!” for a change.  :D

Dalisa and John Michael Cooper, the amazing team behind AltF, are getting ready to embark on their summer workshop tour.  And they are giving away a free family portrait session to one lucky photographer at each of their stops.  And they have chosen yours truly for the Atlanta leg of the tour.


I have not had a family portrait taken since my daughter was two weeks old.  She’s now 25 months old.  There are precious few photos of me period, so I’m really looking forward to having a family portrait taken by such amazing photographers.

But here’s the really cool thing…their family portrait giveaways are in the Pay It Forward style.  So I am offering up a free family portrait session for a local Atlanta photographer and his/her family.  Now, family doesn’t have to be used in the traditional sense.  If your puppies are your kids, they count too.  :)

I’ll post the full details soon along with instructions on how to plead your case.  In the mean time, if you happen to know a local Atlanta photographer, please send this blog post to them.  I’m really excited to share the love Pay It Forward style.  :)